All of our instructors are Australian Government accredited NCAS Jujitsu coaches and hold current First Aid Certificates and Queensland Working with Children Blue Cards.

Links to our instructor profiles will be provided here shortly…

7th Dan – Shihan Jim Stackpoole

4th Dan – Sensei Meladee Stackpoole

3rd Dan – Sensei Moti Ram

3rd Dan – Sensei Thomas Serafin

3rd Dan – Sensei Anthony Smith

3rd Dan – Sensei Steffi-Louise Stackpoole

2nd Dan – Sensei Chris Stackpoole

2nd Dan – Sensei Kyle Elkenhans

1st Dan – Sensei Andrew Hammer

1st Dan – Sensei Tyler McInerney

1st Kyu – Sempai Lee Hayes

1st Kyu – Sempai Norm McInerney