Pine Rivers Dojo

Pine Rivers Dojo


119 Francis Road, Bray Park
Pine Rivers PCYC (Les Hughes Sporting Complex

Ph: 07 3205 3367

Training Times

Kids (5-13 years)

Thursday (Jujitsu) 6 to 7:15pm

Adults (14 years +)

Thursday (Jujitsu) 7:30 to 9pm

About the Dojo

Pine Rivers Kyushin Ryu jujitsu is a club with a commitment to bringing out the best in all students and to the teaching and learning the art of jujitsu. Students are encouraged to use what they already know and build on their strengths, while keeping their mind open to all possibilities (not restricted by rigid, inflexible ideas on the “right” way).

In the Dojo (training hall), students will learn to trust their own ability and respect the abilities of others, they will learn to set goals and work hard to achieve them, and they will learn to defend themselves.


Coach Developer:

Sensei Kyle Elkenhans (Thursday)

Head Coach:

Sensei Andrew Hammer (Thursday)

Senior Coach:

Sensei Monique Hammer (Thursday)