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Shihan Jim Stackpoole

(4 August 2022)


It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that we advise that our loved Shihan Jim could not fight any more against that horrid lymphoma and it’s complications. Shihan Jim passed away Thursday (4 August) morning at 5am in hospital. Shihan Jim has left a great legacy in our Kyushin Ryu School of Jujitsu and KRJJ Judo Club for us to carry on.

We will aim to continue teaching our Martial Arts with the same principles he has taught many students before. It is times such as this we see the beautiful Kyushin Ryu community giving support and love to our family.

He taught some of our wonderful dan ranks and coaches the meaning of honesty, integrity and respect for our style of Jujitsu that he brought back from Japan under Minehiko Nakano Sensei, a student of Eguchi Shihan.

Rest in Peace Shihan Jim

Funeral Details

Wednesday 17th August – 11am
Victory Centre, Carseldine Rd, Bridgeman Downs.

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