10th & 9th Kyu


  • A finical member of the Kyushin Ryu School of Jujitsu
  • A person of good moral character
  • Possession of a gi with a white belt
  • Participation in 10 active training sessions at the dojo

*Satisfactory completion of Parts A & B of this curriculum are required for advancement to 10th Kyu, while parts C & D are required for advancement to 9th Kyu.

Part A – Theoretical Knowledge


Demonstrate basic knowledge of dojo etiquette and Japanese terminology appropriate to the dojo.


Demonstrate standing and kneeling bows – tachi-rei, zarei


Demonstrate basic knowledge of the three phases of throwing techniques – Kuzushi, Tsukuri, Kake


Demonstrate basic and defensive standing postures – with and without a partner


Demonstrate and explain the use of kiai to distract and open up an opponent.

Part B – Practical Knowledge


Demonstrate basic break-falling techniques – to the rear and side


Demonstrate the effective application of the following:

    • 1 Hip Throw
    • 1 Leg Throw
    • 1 Shoulder Throw
    • 1 Hand Throw
    • 1 Takedown
    • 1 Target Area
    • 1 Punch
    • 1 Kick
    • 1 Block
    • 1 Armlock
    • 1 Leglock
    • 1 Strangle
    • 1 Headlock
    • 1 Standing Restraint Hold
    • 1 Ground Restraint Hold

Part C – Technical Knowledge


Demonstrate and explain the correct method for indicating a submission to a painful technique.


Explain the immediate action to be taken in times of an injury to a partner in the dojo.


Explain the principles of assessment of an injured person – history, symptoms, signs

Part D – Application of Knowledge

Demonstrate the use of the Practical Knowledge requirements in Part B to address grasps and punches from the front and rear while in a standing position. Attacks should include:

  • wrist grasps
  • straight arm strangles
  • punches to the head