8th & 7th Kyu


  • A financial member of the Kyushin Ryu School of Jujitsu
  • A person of good moral character
  • A keen helper in the dojo
  • The holder of a Yellow Belt
  • Participation in 10 active training sessions at the dojo since achieving yellow belt

Satisfactory completion of Parts A & B of this curriculum are required for advancement to 8th Kyu, while Parts C & D are required for advancement to 7th Kyu.

Part A – Theoretical Knowledge


Demonstrate improved knowledge of dojo etiquette and Japanese terminology appropriate to the dojo.


Demonstrate a general knowledge of the history and the foundation of Kyushin Ryu.


Demonstrate the correct walking movements (tsugi ashi) and body positioning (tai sabaki) utilised in Jujitsu.


Demonstrate and explain the benefits of repetition practice (uchikomi) and movement practice (butsukari)

Part B – Practical Knowledge


Demonstrate knowledge of all previous Practical Knowledge requirements, with an ability to perform same on both sides of the body:

  • 2 Hip Throws
  • 2 Leg Throws
  • 1 Shoulder Throw
  • 2 Hand Throws
  • 1 Sacrifice Throws
  • 2 Takedowns
  • 3 Target Areas
  • 2 Punches
  • 2 Kicks
  • 2 Blocks
  • 3 Arm Locks
  • 3 Leg Locks
  • 3 Strangles
  • 2 Head Locks
  • 2 Standing Restraint Holds
  • 3 Ground Restraint Holds

Part C – Technical Knowledge


Demonstrate and explain basic knowledge of:

  • The first aid action plan: D.R.A.B.C.
  • The treatment of soft tissue injury: R.I.C.E.D.
  • The first aid follow-up assessment: T.O.T.A.P.S.
  • The positioning of an unconsious person, who has no other injuries

Part D – Application of Knowledge

Demonstrate the use of the Practical Knowledge requirements in Part B to address grasps and punches from the front and rear.

Attacks should include:

  • Arm & Body grasps
  • Bear Hugs
  • Straight and bent arm strangles
  • Punches to the head and body
  • Kicks to the body