4th & 3rd Kyu


  • A financial member in good standing with the Kyushin Ryu School of Jujitsu
  • A person of sound moral character
  • An enthusiastic member who assists in the conduct of classes for juniors and/or beginners
  • The holder of a Green Belt
  • Particpation in 15 active training sessions at the dojo since achieving Green Belt

Satisfactory completion of Parts A & B of this curriculum are required for advancement to 4th Kyu, while Parts C & D are required for advancement to 3rd Kyu.

Part A – Theoretical Knowledge


Demonstrate a sound level of knowledge of dojo etiquette and Japanese terminology appropriate to the dojo


Demonstrate broad knowledge of kindred martial arts – Judo, Aikido, Karate


Provide an explanation of the differences between the coaching techniques employed with young persons as opposed to adults


Explain the five major components of fitness


Explain the different approaches which should be utilised when dealing with an attack from:

  • A boxer
  • A Wrestler
  • A Brawler


Part B – Practical Knowledge


Demonstrate a sound level of knowledge of break-falling techniques – solo, from throws, over obstacles


Demonstrate a sound level of knowledge of all previous Practical Knowledge requirements – on both sides of the body


Demonstrate the effective application of the following:

  • 3 Hip Throws
  • 3 Leg Throws
  • 2 Shoulder Throws
  • 4 Hand Throws
  • 4 Sacrifice Throws
  • 4 Takedowns
  • 7 Target Areas
  • 4 Punches
  • 4 Kicks
  • 4 Blocks
  • 7 Arm Locks
  • 7 Leg Locks
  • 7 Strangles
  • 4 Head Locks
  • 4 Standing Restraint Holds
  • 7 Ground Restraint Holds

Part C – Technical Knowledge


Explain the term “Katsu” and outline knowledge of the main components – injury recognition; partner assistance and comfort; first aid application; specialist attention


Explain the need for regular intake of water prior to, during and after training sessions


Demonstrate and explain the actions to be undertaken in instances of:

  • A suspected broken bone
  • A head ache


Demonstrate the complete Ukemi no Kata performed without a partner (4th Kyu) and with a partner (3rd Kyu)

Part C – Application of Knowledge


Demonstrate improved skill in kumite and randori


Demonstrate the effective use of Practical Knowledge requirements in Part B to address attacks from the front, rear and on the ground. Attacks will be nominated by the examiner, and instantaneous reactions are required


Demonstrate the practical use of appropriate techniques in the defence against non-lethal weapons e.g. club, stick, bottle. Attacks will be nominated by the examiner, and an effective reaction is desired.