Roku Dan to Ju Dan

(6th Degree to 10th Degree)


  • A financial member in long standing with the Kyushin Ryu School of Jujitsu
  • A person of unquestionable moral character and integrity
  • A level of fitness appropriate to this grade, taking into account the age and physical ability of the candidate
  • A well recognised and respected leader within the Jujitsu community
  • A proven history of devotion to the promotion of Jujitsu ethics and skill
  • A current NCAP coach
  • Adherence to the following time-frame guidelines:

Roku Dan

Shichi Dan

Hachi Dan

Ku Dan

Ju Dan

  • 15 Years since achieving Sho Dan
  • 21 Years since achieving Sho Dan
  • 28 Years since achieving Sho Dan
  • 36 Years since achieving Sho Dan
  • 45 Years since achieving Sho Dan


The grading panel for Roku Dan and above should consist of a minimum of five examiners, with the Chairperson holding at least one rank higher than the level to be attained by the candidate. A successful pass shall exist only where the Chairperson and at least three other nominated panel members concur.

Promotion to and above Roku Dan is to be based on a combination of skills in a practical demonstration of kata (in addition to the kata nominated for previous gradings), as well as proven service to the art of Jujitsu as an instructor, coach, administrator or official.