1st Dan – Sensei Lee Hayes

1st Dan – Sensei Lee Hayes


1st Dan – Kyushin Ryu Jujitsu
CCYPCG Blue Card (working with Children)


NCAS Level 2 Coach – Jujitsu
NOAS Level 1


Sensei Lee joined Kyushin Ryu in 2011, starting out as a Sempai to assist with the sub-juniors and
juniors on the mat. After a year of being a Sempai, he made the decision to join the mainstream
Throughout the year he has helped out with many different events, such as fundraising barbeques,
demonstrations and competitions. In 2016, Sensei (then Sempai) Lee, undertook the NCAS (now
NCAP) Level 2 course and passed. He was the Sandgate Senior Coach under Sensei Moti Ram, and
continues this position at Zillmere on Wednesday nights. He became the school secretary in 2020, a
position he still holds.
In October 2020, after a year of training, Sensei Lee undertook his Shodan grading and was
successful. An injury cut short his attempt at Ni Dan, but he hopes to make another attempt in the
near future. He has proven himself in his refereeing abilities and was chosen to judge at the WCJJO
World Championships in 2017, on the Gold Coast. He has also successfully refereed at many annual
Kyushin Ryu Jujitsu competitions.