Koshi Waza – Hip Techniques

Koshi Waza – Hip Techniques

Hip Throws are any throws which have the defender using their hip as a fulcrum in order to throw the attacker. Some styles include in this classification variations of the basic Hip Throw. These may include Sweeping Hip, Spring Hip etc. They are included in this classification instead of Leg Throws because they all begin from a basic Hip Throw.

O Goshi

(Major Hip)

Koshi Guruma

(Hip wheel)

Uki Goshi

(Floating Hip)

Harai Goshi

(Sweeping Hip)

Hane Goshi

(Spring Hip)

Tsurikomi Goshi

(Lift & pull Hip)

Sode Tsurikomi Goshi

(Sleeve Lift & pull Hip)

Ushiro Goshi

(Rear Hip)

Ura Goshi

(Back Hip)

Kubi Nage

(Neck Throw)

Tsuri Goshi

(Lifting Hip)

Utsuri Goshi

(Changing Hip)