Ashi Waza – Leg Techniques

Ashi Waza – Leg Techniques

Leg Throws are those in which the legs are the major source of the power to drive the attacker to the ground. Within this group a number of styles include the variations of a basic Hip Throw.

O Soto Gari

(Major Outer Reaping)

O Uchi Gari

(Major Inner Reaping)

Hiza Guruma

(Knee Wheel)

Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi

(Prop Drawing Ankle)

Ko Soto Gari

(Minor Outer Reaping)

Ko Uchi Gari

(Minor Inner Reaping)

Ko Soto Gake

(Minor Outer Hook)

De Ashi Barai

(Advanced Foot Sweep)

Okuri Ashi Barai

(Sliding Foot Sweep)

Harai Tsurikomi Ashi

(Lift & Pull Foot Sweep)

Uchi Mata

(Inner Thigh)

O Soto Otoshi

(Major Outer Drop)

O Soto Guruma

(Major Outer Wheel)