Nage Waza

(Throwing Techniques)

A throw is any technique in which the attacker’s feet are lifted off the ground by the defender in the execution of the technique. A number of techniques are named as throws but in fact are not true throws because the defender does not lift the attacker’s feet off the ground, the attacker usually jumps in order to avoid being injured by the throw or in order to place themselves into a better position to fall without injury.

Throws are perhaps the most spectacular of all Jujitsu techniques and are what Jujitsu is most recognised for amongst the general public. They form an extremely effective set of techniques for defence because of their effect on an attacker. Once unbalanced and thrown forcefully to the ground, few attacker’s are able to recover quickly and resume their attack. Locks rely on pain and the attacker’s desire to avoid that pain in order to be effective. Throws rely on the force of the entire body hitting the ground to wind, shock and damage the attacker, thus effecting the mental unbalancing required to convince an attacker to stop attacking. Few people who are not trained in how to fall, and are used to being thrown, are able to cope with throws without being totally disoriented and injured.

A number of throws can be done while applying locks to the attacker’s joints to unbalance them. Such throws are not common in many Jujitsu systems because many of these have developed from Judo which has no such throws for safety reasons.

Throws fall into a number of different classifications based roughly on what part of the defender’s body is actually doing the throw.

1. The defender uses their hip as a fulcrum to throw the attacker over.

2. The defender uses their hands to force the attacker over some part of their body or throws the attacker by use of their hands only.

3. Leg throws are effected by driving the attacker onto one leg and then the defender uses their leg to remove the attacker’s supporting leg.

4. When the defender sacrifices their own balance in order to pull the attacker off balance and then throws them. Sacrifice throws are further sub-divided into those that are done by falling in font of the attacker and those in which the defender falls to the side of the attacker.

Many systems include another group of shoulder throws. A number classify these as hand throws. The classification of techniques within a system is done only as a way of making them easier to keep track of and it makes little difference whether shoulder throws form a separate group or not; what is important is that the classifications are consistent within the system.


Hip Throws are any throws which have the defender using their hip as a fulcrum in order to throw the attacker. Some styles include in this classification variations of the basic Hip Throw. These may include Sweeping Hip, Inner Thigh Throw. Spring Hip etc. They are included in this classification instead of Leg Throws because they all begin from a basic Hip Throw.


Hand Throws are those that primarily use the hands and arms as the major source of power in executing the throw. Many styles include the various shoulder throws within this classification.


Leg Throws are those in which the legs are the major source of the power to drive the attacker to the ground. Within this group a number of styles include the variations of a basic Hip Throw.


Sacrifice throws have the defender go all the way to the ground in order to unbalance and throw the attacker. Techniques in which the defender only kneels in order to do the throw are classified as hand throws.


1.         O GOSHI                                          –                       MAJOR HIP THROW

2.         KOSHI GURUMA                          –                       HIP WHEEL

3.         UKI GOSHI                                      –                       FLOATING HIP

4.         HARAI GOSHI                                –                       SWEEPING HIP

5.         HANE GOSHI                                 –                       SPRING HIP

6.         TSURIKOMI GOSHI                     –                       LIFT AND PULL HIP

7.         SODE TSURIKOMI GOSHI        –                       LIFT AND PULL SLEEVE HIP

8.         USHIRO GOSHI                             –                       REAR HIP

9.         URA GOSHI                                    –                       BACK HIP

10.       KUBI NAGE                                   –                       NECK THROW

11.       TSURI GOSHI                                 –                       LIFTING HIP

12.       UTSURI GOSHI                              –                       CHANGING HIP


1.         O SOTO GARI                                –                       MAJOR OUTER REAPING

2.         O UCHI GARI                                 –                       MAJOR INNER REAPING

3.         HIZA GURUMA                             –                       KNEE WHEEL

4.         SASAE TSURIKOMI ASHI          –                       PROP DRAWING ANKLE

5.         KO SOTO GARI                             –                       MINOR OUTER REAPING

6.         KO UCHI GARI                              –                       MINOR INNER REAPING

7.         KO SOTO GAKE                            –                       MINOR OUTER HOOK

8.         DE ASHI BARAI                             –                       ADVANCED FOOT SWEEP

9.         OKURI ASHI BARAI                     –                       SLIDING FOOT SWEEP

10.       HARAI TSURIKOMI ASHI          –                       LIFT AND PULL FOOT SWEEP

11.       UCHI MATA                                    –                       INNER THIGH

12.       O SOTO OTOSHI                           –                       MAJOR OUTER DROP

13.       O SOTO GURUMA                        –                       MAJOR OUTER WHEEL


1.         IPPON SEOINAGE                        –                       ONE ARM SHOULDER THROW

2.         SEOI OTOSHI                                 –                       SHOULDER DROP

3.         KATA GURUMA                            –                       SHOULDER WHEEL

4.         MOROTE SEOINAGE                   –                       TWO ARM SHOULDER THROW

5.         GANSEKI OTOSHI                        –                       ROCK DROP


1.         TAI OTOSHI                                   –                       BODY DROP

2.         MOROTE GARI                              –                       TWO HANDED REAP

3.         YAMA ARASHI                              –                       MOUNTAIN STORM

4.         SUKUI NAGE                                  –                       SCOOPING THROW

5.         UKI OTOSHI                                   –                       FLOATING DROP

6.         SUMI OTOSHI                                –                       CORNER DROP

7.         UDE GAESHI                                  –                       ARM COUNTER

8.         ASHI GURUMA                              –                       LEG WHEEL

9.         O GURUMA                                     –                       MAJOR WHEEL

10.       TAI GURUMA                                 –                       BODY WHEEL

11.       SHIHO NAGE                                 –                       FOUR CORNER THROW

12.       USHIRO OTOSHI                          –                       REAR DROP

13.       KIBISU GAESHI                             –                       HEEL CLIP

14.       TE GURUMA                                   –                       HAND WHEEL

15.       KUCHIKI TAOSHI                         –                       ONE HAND DROP

16.       SUKUI OTOSHI                              –                       SCOOPING DROP


1.         TOMOE NAGE                               –                       STOMACH THROW

2.         TANI OTOSHI                                –                       VALLEY DROP

3.         YOKO OTOSHI                              –                       SIDE DROP

4.         KANI BASAMI                                –                       CRAB SCISSORS

5.         URA NAGE                                      –                       BACK THROW

6.         YOKO GAKE                                   –                       SIDE HOOK

7.         YOKO GURUMA                            –                       SIDE WHEEL

8.         UKI WAZA                                       –                       FLOATING TECHNIQUE

9.         SUMI GAESHI                                –                       CORNER COUNTER

10.       YOKO WAKARE                            –                       SIDE SEPARATION

11.       TAWARA GAESHI                        –                       BALE COUNTER

12.       HIKIKOMI GAESHI                      –                       ROLL AND PULL COUNTER

13.       SOTO MAKIKOMI                        –                       OUTER WINDING

14.       UCHI MAKIKOMI                         –                       INNER WINDING

15.       O SOTO MAKIKOMI                    –                       MAJOR OUTER WINDING

16.       O UCHI MAKIKOMI                     –                       MAJOR INNER WINDING

17.       KO UCHI MAKIKOMI                  –                       MINOR INNER WINDING