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Jujitsu has seen a re-emergence due to its adaptability to any defensive situation. The basic concept of Jujitsu, simple techniques combined together, make it the perfect art form for today’s society. Jujitsu’s strength comes not from its specialties but rather from its broad range of techniques.

No other style of martial art focuses upon every aspect of self defence as does Jujitsu. Many other martial art styles have adapted in recent years to include Jujitsu techniques. This holds testament to the depth of Jujitsu and how it continues to influence other martial arts.

“Among flowers, the cherry blossom; among men, the samurai.”
-Japanese proverb

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  • Successful Black Belt Grading
    Congratulations to all of our new Sensei – Sensei Norm McInerney, Sensei Lee Hayes, Sensei Taylor Hayes, Sensei Monique Hammer (the first female out side the Stackpoole women to obtain black belt status). All performed well. Congratulations to Sensei Andrew Hammer and Sensei Tyler McInerney who attained Ni Dan (2nd degree black belt). Also to…