Successful Black Belt Grading

Successful Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to all of our new Sensei –

Sensei Norm McInerney, Sensei Lee Hayes, Sensei Taylor Hayes, Sensei Monique Hammer (the first female out side the Stackpoole women to obtain black belt status). All performed well.

Congratulations to Sensei Andrew Hammer and Sensei Tyler McInerney who attained Ni Dan (2nd degree black belt).

Also to Sensei Kyle Elkenhans who attained San Dan (3rd degree black belt) and to Sensei Moti Ram who attained Yon Dan (4th degree black belt).

From Left to Right
Sensei Tyler, Sensei Andrew, Sensei Moti, Sensei Lee, Sensei Kyle, Sensei Taylor, Sensei Norm, Sensei Monique